We love food

Toffee lovers rejoice... you can now buy England’s favourite toffee online.

When confectionery favourites Walker’s Nonsuch approached us to create a brand led consumer shop for them we knew we would get along well. We’re both family businesses with a passion for food and high standards. 

Using WordPress and WooCommerce, we delivered a responsive online shop allowing Walker’s Nonsuch to interact directly with their consumers. 


The approach

As fans of the toffee already, we knew that Walker’s Nonsuch don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of their toffee. But the current trade site did little to explain what makes Walker’s Nonsuch so good and it wasnt whetting any appetites. 

We needed to become toffee connoisseurs and get to the heart of the company to establish what it takes to become England’s favourite. Subsequently creating a tone of voice and style that perfectly reflected the brands qualities and resonated with their fans. 

Using inVision meant we we’re able to prototype and test quickly, utilising both client and user feedback into each step of the design before beginning the build process. Utlising a new style, copy and photography the shop was integtrated into Walker's current systems for another succesful launch.

Storytelling photography


Services | Design • Illustration • Copy writing • Photography • User testing • WordPress • Training

We worked closely with Walker's Nonsuch and the team to create a responsive site based on their platform of choice: WordPress. Utilising the strengths of WooCommerce we delivered a fully responsive site catering for both trade and consumers. The updated style and photography reflects the quality and heritage of Walker's Nonsuch and the quality of the ingredients used. 

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